Premium Gift Wrapping

Quality Wrapped Gifts

Are you one of those people who carefully select a gift and then buy a bag to “wrap” it in the car on the way to the event? No more! M&R Wedding Photography offers premium gift wrapping services for any occasion! (Christmas, wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement, baby shower, bridal shower, baptism, graduation, etc.) If the occasion requires a gift, we will wrap it!

We are passionate about creative gift wrapping and love to hear our clients say: “It’s too pretty to open!” We take a genuine interest in knowing a bit about the person receiving the gift and attempt to add touches to make it not only visually pleasing, but personal, as well. After all, everyone loves to receive a gift selected not only for them alone, but wrapped with care & individual style.

With more than 10 years of custom wrapping experience, our goal is to help you present gifts to your family, friends, and acquaintances that will elicit the response, “It’s too pretty to open!”

Gift giving is an event to savor & cherish! Enhance the experience with a quality wrapped gift!

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